How To Delete, Remove A Facebook Friend User Update, Photo, Video From Your Wall

There are times when you may see an objectionable facebook update, photo or video on your facebook wall which has been posted by one of your friend but you don’t want to see this update or may be you just want to block all the updates from a specific friend which you don’t like or just want to hide this update.

In order to hide such updates or user you just need to move your mouse cursor over the update and you will see the cross symbol on the top right of the update section as shown in the image below.

4-18-2011 3-08-45 AM

Now,  click the cross sign you will get the option to either hide this update or even the user. Or you can also report this person as spam on facebook as shown in the image below.

4-18-2011 3-11-52 AM

Select the option as per your requirements, this is how you can hide an update or a user from a facebook wall.

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