How To Create New Style Facebook Group With Chat, Docs Sharing, Private Group Messages and more

Facebook has recently announced some new features being rolled out for all the users, including new style facebook groups which will have majorly 4 new features like group chat, mailing list, private messages and docs sharing feature etc.

The new facebook groups feature has been rolled out to all the accounts in facebook, but the new features of facebook groups will not be active on the old facebook groups to which you are already connected.

Here is how you can create new style facebook groups, in these groups you can add any of your facebook friend without their permission, it can be a spam for them to get all these notifications from this group, so you should better tell your friends before you add them. 

Follow the procedure below

1. Go to and click Create Group green button as shown in the image below.

10-8-2010 3-50-43 AM

2. Now Enter the group name, add friends to the facebook group and then specify the privacy level for the group as shown in the image below.

10-8-2010 3-03-35 AM

3. Once you are done with all these settings, you can click create button to start the facebook group creation.

This is how a new facebook group page will look like with all the new features as shown in the image below.

10-8-2010 3-14-10 AM

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