How To Create A New Windows 7 Library and Include A Folder In It.

What Is Windows 7 Library ?

A Windows 7 Library itself can’t contain any files as they aren’t real folders, but they offer one-stop access to a collection of folders. The basic point behind this windows 7 feature is to provide an easier and faster way to search, view, and your access documents, photos, music, videos, and other data.


You will the library showing up in windows explorer, in the left pane. In order to add a new custom library you will need to right click on Libraries and select New >> Library


Now rename the new library to movies for example, by pressing F2


Now you will need to add a folder under this library


click Include a Folder and specify the movies folder or any other folder of your choice


That’s it – Now when you click this library the movies folder contents will show up, You can read some more windows 7 tips like these.

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