How To Connect To Internet Automatically With Reliance NetConnect Broadband + On Your Computer

Previously I had written about various tricks related to reliance netconnect broadband + which includes stop reliance netconnect broadband+ from opening pop up page after getting connected, avoid reliance netconnect to disconnect, solve broadband disconnect problem and how can you check the data usage of reliance netconnect broadband +   

Today I will tell you another hack you can use with your reliance netconnect broadband+ data card so that it gets connected automatically when you open your browser to open any website.

In order to configure reliance netconnect to dial the connection automatically you will need to make the dial up connection created by reliance netconnect broadband + the default dial up connection to connect to internet. Lets see how it is done

In vista

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type ncpa.cpl and press Ok

2. This will open up network connections, right click the dial up connection created by reliance netconnect broadband + and set it as default connection. ( as shown below)


For XP

1. Open Start Menu >>  Control Panel >> Network Connections

2. Do the same thing explained in the above step 2 for vista

For Vista and XP Both

3. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools >> Internet Options and then click the Connections tab (as shown below in the image)


4. configure the dial up connection here to connect automatically when disconnected by checking the option which says Dial whenever a network connection is not present

Note: Now you will need to configure the service corresponding to the same to start automatically, which can allow dial up connection to connect automatically

5. Open start menu >> run and type services.msc and press ok

6. Locate the service named Remote Access Connection Manager


7. Right click on the service and select Properties


8. Set the startup type for this service to be automatic and click ok


9. That’s now when ever you open your browser to access internet reliance netconnect broadband + dialup connection will connect to internet automatically.You will see windows as shown in the image below.

 connect-reliance connect-automatically


  1. JohnDev says

    I use Reliance Netconnect. I tried your tech, it’s working.
    Thank you boss. Keep exploring and sharing. Any tech to increase the speed of Net___ in XP ????

  2. Sandy says

    Reliance net connect automatically connects to your computer after plugging in for the first time.

  3. pinder grewal says

    bro after doing this setting can we use reliance net connect for free browsing and downloading

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