How To Combine, Merge or Photo Fuse Pictures With Live Photo Gallery

There are times when you have taken two or more similar photos and you may see different defects in both of these photos, but some how if you combine both of these photos together it could turn out to be a correct photo without any defects. The new windows live photo gallery allows a great new feature called Photo Fuse

Photo Fuse in Windows Live Photo Gallery to combine the best parts of two or more photos into one. This feature is useful in improving photos, like group portraits, where a person might look better in one photo than in another.

1. Open windows live photo gallery, if you don’t have it installed you can get it from here

2. Now add the folder where these images or pictures are stored which you would like to merge together

3. Now select the photos as shown in the image below

10-13-2010 1-15-37 AM

4. Now click the Create tab and select the option photo fuse

10-13-2010 1-16-27 AM

5. Click the area of the photo you want to replace, Drag one of the points to adjust the size of this area.

6. Click the replacement photo that you like best, and then click Save.

For Example as shown below – On the left is a group photo and on the right is a Photo Fuse composite of that photo and several others.

10-13-2010 1-22-50 AM

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