How To Close, Kill Metro Apps In Windows 8 Start Screen Then Being Suspended

The most amazing useful UI in windows 8 is windows 8 start screen UI which provides single click and easy access to multiple useful metro apps which runs at windows 8 start screen, but one the most common question we received from many new users testing windows 8 dev preview is how can they kill a metro app running on start screen.

One of the comment we received from our readers, “Started to try out the developer preview for Windows 8 and one thing I have noticed or haven’t seen, I cannot exit apps, instead, I could just switch from one app to another” as per another reader “Even if I press Alt-F4 does NOT close Metro apps.”

As per the windows 8 structure, you can’t manually find and option to exit a metro app either it is come twitter, facebook or control panel metro app running, as soon as you exit these apps by pressing the windows key which takes you back to start screen, these apps automatically go to suspend state as you can see in the task manager when open a more detailed view as shown in the snapshot below.

suspended task manager programs

Under suspended state most of the metro apps does not consume much memory, and CPU usage so you should not worry at all as they wont slow down your computer, still if you want to kill these apps you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key to open task manager which will open in simple view by default.

windows 8 task manager

So click more details text to see the metro process apps and then right click and then select to end the processes for metro apps to kill them completely as shown in the image below.

end task windows 8 task manager 

This is how you can kill apps & process in windows 8

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