How To Change The First Photo Of Facebook Photo Album or Album Cover

Facebook is no doubt the great online platform to connect to your friends, we have been writing lots of facebook tips and guides you can read all of them here. Recently one of my friend asked me how can he change the first photo of the facebook album and how to set the cover photo of a facebook album.

Now we tell you the solution to both of these problems, when you upload some photos as facebook photo album you can easily set any photo as photo album cover as shown in the image below.

make photo album cover

Just in case you want to change the position of the first photo so that, when you upload the photo album you see all photos in the form of a grid and then you can left click and drag any photo you want to any position.

move facebook album

This way you can change the photos which are shown in the preview when, the status update for the facebook photo album uploaded is posted as shown in the image below.

facebook photo album preview

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