How To Change Default Non English Language On Xperia x8 To English In User Interface

Recently we got Xperia x8 delivered to our office, but before we could start playing with it. There was a problem that the default language set in the user interface was non English, I am not sure whether it was Swedish or Russian but I was not able to understand even a single thing.

As xperia x8 it has android 1.6 so I started comparing it with my nexus one running android 2.2 which has English language set, to some extent both of these menu items were same as was appearing. I went into settings with an idea about its icon on xperia x8 and on nexus one too, and after some hit an trails found the locale and regional settings.

Following is the step by step picture taken by my iphone 4 camera, if you have a similar problem follow the procedure below.  

1. Go to settings – which has the tool box icon as shown in the image below.


2. Once you are in settings on the phone, locate the 11th option from the top – which is Locale and text, it will look like as shown in the image below. [ Select Gablesscherma and Text ]


3. Under Locale and text settings select [ sprache wahlen ] as shown in the image below 


4. Now select the language of your choice which you understand, which in my case is English as shown in the image below


Once the English language was set, I was able to understand the device options and its user interface properly.

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