How To Change Blog URL Address Of Tumblr Blog

Finally I have recently created a tumblr blog after seeing so many of my internet friends doing the same, so from today on wards I will start writing some useful tips for tumblr based blogs. Today I created  a tumblr blog for sharing the pictures I keep on taking with my phones – Google Nexus One and iPhone 3G

But after creating the tumblr blog, I decided to change the URL address of my blog to a more personalised easy to remember and easy share. I had created a blog on tumblr as but later I decided to change it to

Here is how I changed the address, follow the procedure below to do the same

1. Go to and login to you tumblr blog dashboard and then click the link in the right sidebar Customize as shown in the image below.


2. Once you click the customize link, it will redirect you to a new page which has a horizontal bar just below the address bar to customize the settings related to your tumblr blog as shown in the image below.

7-22-2010 12-39-28 AM

3. Now click Info on the horizontal customize tab shown below the address bar – and you will see the title of the blog, description, Portrait Photo and then the box with the URL of your tumblr blog as shown in the image below.


4. In the URL Field you can change the username before – here you can specify the new URL like just I did.


5. Once you have changed the URL before or entered a new one, you will need to click the button Save + Close or Save shown on the right of the customize bar. Once you click these button it will check for the new tumblr blog address and assign it to you if it is not preoccupied.

Note: You will be logged out when you change your tumblr blog URL, you can login again with the same username and password as nothing will get changed other than the tumblr blog URL, all the posts and data will remain nothing get lost. You will see the changed new URL of tumblr blog in the dashboard interface in the right sidebar.


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