[How To] Block Invitations Received by You to Join Google+ Communities

Google has recently rolled out the new feature on google+ as per which you can now create communities which are like facebook groups on google+, you can have discussions on various topics under these communities, you can specify a community you create as public or private, a public community would be the one in which anyone can join but he needs to have a google+ account or in other case if it private, the owner can either invite people to join or other google+ users will be send the request to join which the owner of the group can approve as if now, later on owner can also add other users as administrator for a community.

Stop Invitations From Google+ Communities

Once the new Google+ Community feature is rolled on your google+ profile page, you will see the icon in the left pane and click it to see the all the communities you are added to or have got the invitation from.


This section will also show the google+ communities you have created, you now see the list of community invitations


Now to block further invitations for google plus community page, you should click the settings gear icon.


On the settings page, you should scroll down to locate Communities section and then uncheck the option which says invite me to google+ community.



Google Plus Community feature has been just rolled out, I strongly think that this will enhance the overall experience and bring some nice discussions to happen in google+ in way the user wants them to be and be in their control, we have written this tip so that if you are getting annoyed by amount of invitations from all new google+ communities, you can get

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