How To Block, Approve When Someone Tags On Your Facebook Uploaded Photos

Facebook is the biggest social networking website and now a days all of us have an account on Facebook. We use our Facebook account for connecting to our friends all the time and sharing the images with them. Today I will talk about the Tagging feature of Facebook.Tagging is a very popular feature of Facebook using which the Facebook users can tag your name to a specific post, publication or an image. With the better and newer controls for privacy, you can now select and manually approve, reject or remove tags related to your Facebook profile for a specific photo or a post. This can be done using the “Tag Review” feature in Facebook.

After enabling the “Tag Review” feature in your Facebook profile any friend who wants to add tag you to a photo or a post won’t be able to tag you until you will approve it. Hence in this way you can  get rid of all the unwanted tags.

Facebok tags1

After you will log in to your Facebook account, you will need to go to the Account option as soon as you will click on the Account option A dropdown will open. In this drop down you will have various options like Edit Friends, Account Settings, Privacy Settings, Help center and Log Out. You will have to select the Privacy Settings option.

Facebok tags 2

After selecting the Privacy Settings from the drop down a new page will open. In this new page you will have to navigate to the option which says “How Tags Work”, this option controls the events that will happen when you will be tagged . Now click the Edit Settings option to view the tagging options for your Facebook profile.

Facebok tags 3

When you will click on the Edit Settings option the above window i.e. the How Tags Work  window will open. The window has options like Profile View, Tag Review, Profile Visibility, Tag suggestions and Friends can check into your places. Now in order to turn on the Tag Review for your Facebook profile click the Off setting.

Facebok tags 4g

The above window will open when you will click on the Off setting of the Tag Review. Click the button which says Turn On Tag Review in order to turn on tag review. Doing this will enable the Tag Review feature on your profile. From now whenever a person who is not your friend adds a tag to your post then you will be first asked to review it. And once you approve the tag, your friends and the person tagged can see their post.

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