How To Apply Office 2010 Theme For Windows 7

Windows 7 has some of the most amazing themes, we have previously talked about some interesting themes for windows 7 like 7 up theme, custom aero theme, 7 Windows 7 Theme – I’m Windows 7 PC, Avtar Movie Theme For Windows 7 etc.

Here is a cool looking office 2010 theme which will give you a good look and feel of office 2010 in windows 7, below are some snapshot shown which will give you an idea on how to install it.


[ click the above image to enlarge and see in full size ]

The amazing windows 7 theme brings several Office 2010 UI enhancements in windows 7 Start menu orb, navigation buttons, cursors, Office 2010 hover in favourites list and more.

Here is the Step by Step Guide To Install This Theme with all UI Enhancements

1.How to Patch explorer.exe and ExplorerFrame.dll

1.1. First take control of your system files found in:
    explorer.exe into C:/Windows
    ExplorerFrame.dll into C:/Windows/system32

1.1.1 Install takeOwnership
1.1.2 left click the system files and click take ownership in      context menu

1.2.Rename Sytemfiles

just add an ".old" to your systemfiles name like Explorerframe.dll.old

1.3.Copy the new Files in the following Directorys

explorer.exe into C:/Windows
ExplorerFrame.dll into C:/Windows/system32 run explorerkill
your explorer will shut down and open again now you have new nav buttons and the office 2010 start orb. :)

2. Office Live Scenic 2010 Theme

2.1 Install the system patch in systemfiles folder
    or use a programm like uxstyle core, included too.

2.2 How to install Theme

Copy the files in the Office Live Scenic Folder to C:/Windows/Ressources/Themes

2.2 Aply theme in Control panel "Customize"

3. Cursors

3.1 Copy the files in Cursor folder into C:/Windows/Cursors

3.2 Go to Control Panel Mouse Properties and change the default cursors to crystal clear cursors your own.

Download Office 2010 Theme For Windows 7 | Source: IntoWindows and TerminatetheSystem

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