How To Add Password Protection On USB Drive To Open and View Files

A USB Flash drive is a data storage device integrated with USB(i.e Universal Serial Bus). These drives have become so much popular because they are portable, fast start-up, reliable, removable and rewritable and on top of that very compact size. They are very handy and you must have used them to carry your data.

But what if you put some confidential data in your drive and your drive gets stolen or your confidential information being extracted illegally by someone? So today we will be telling you about a tool named USB Flash Security using which you can password protect your USB flash drives. Hence no one would be able to see contents of your USB without your permission.

This is a very simple tool. When you run it for the first time, you will see the following window. Click on Don’t display if you don’t want to display this window every time when you open this tool.

22-09-2010 23-13-03

Now when you click on Ok you will see the main Window. At the main window you can see all your hard drives attached to your computer. From the top tab bar, you can browse and then find your USB Drive.

22-09-2010 23-14-11

I have attached a 160 Gb drive with USB. Now you can see below that I have created three partitions of my USB Drive. Now the first step to use this tool is to locate your USB drive and then click on it.

22-09-2010 23-28-56

Now once you locate your USB Drive, first backup your data because this process of password protection will delete all data from your drive. Once you are ready, click on your USB Drive and then click on Install which is located at the bottom of the Window. Then you will be prompted with the message that your all data will be deleted. Click on Ok to start the process.


Now you will be asked to choose any desired password for your USB drive. Write any desired password in the two boxes and then enter some Hint so that if you forget the password in future, you can recover it from the Hint. When you are done with it, click on ok.


This tool will then again confirm you before formatting your USB drive and starting the password protection steps. Click on Ok to start the process. Then within some time, this tool will format your USB Drive and then your drive will be protected with the password. To check how it works, remove your USB drive from your PC and then plugin again.


When you plug-in, and then try to open it, you will be prompted with the password. Hence you won’t be able to open it without that password which you have chosen.


If you put the wrong password then you will be prompted with the following error.


Hence no one would be able to open this USB Drive without knowing the password. We recommend you to give a strong Hint to recover password from which only you can recover it if you forget. And in future if you want to remove the password from your USB Drive then you will need to follow the above steps to remove the password protection from your drive.

The size of USB Flash Security is 1.19 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download USB Flash Security

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