How To Add, Import Outlook Calendar Events In Google Calendar

There are times when you may need to import or sync certain events in between your outlook calendar, today we will tell you how to do that. Google calendar allows to import events which are there in your outlook calendar, but for that you need to export the ics event file for a particular event in your outlook calendar or you export the entire outlook calendar as csv file which can be easily imported in google calendar.

2-2-2011 4-01-02 PM

Now in order to proceed to the next step, you need to have the event ics file or some outlook calendar imported csv file.

1. Now make sure that you are connected to internet and open in your internet browser

2. In the left side bar options, you will see the option to import calendar event as shown in the image below.

2-2-2011 12-30-03 PM

3. Now it will ask you to upload the calendar file, as shown in the image below.

2-2-2011 12-30-36 PM

4. Locate the ics or csv file to import to your google calendar

2-2-2011 12-35-28 PM

Please note that irrespective of the time zone of the event, once you imported in google calendar, it will automatically convert it as per your time zone which you have configured in google calendar.

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