How To Access Windows Shared Folder From Mac OS

It is actually very easy to access windows shared folder from a Macintosh computer running mac os, but the prerequisite for this is that both the windows and Macintosh computer must be on the same local network, Once you make sure that both of the system are connected to a local network follow the procedure below on mac os

Open finder and click Go >> Connect To Server


Now in the next window, enter the ip address or name of the windows pc you want to connect with on your local network and click Connect


Now, enter the user credentials required to connect to windows machine


select the shared folder to be mounted to access the files inside them.


I hope you like this small but useful tip for many new mac users like me, you can also read some mac tips we have written here before.


  1. Jojo Marababol says

    I want to be able to access a windows shared folder from Macintosh OS but I do not want the volume to be mounted on the desktop for security reasons. I am running a cross-platform application on the mac that should access a database I created on a pc server without risking first-line of security by being able to see the folder on the mac desktop. I just want the users to be able to use the program and not get tempted to browse into the folder.

    I am not happy with the network implementation of the Mac. With the PC I am able to set up a shared network folder and set up the preferences of my apps to be able to access the folders transparently and invisibly without anyone seeing where the actual location of the folder is.

    How can this be done on the Mac?

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