How Stuff Works Official App For Android Phones Full Review [Download]

Knowledge is something that could make anybody stand out of the crowd and it also helps you show off in front of others. Isn’t it”? Talking about channels delivering knowledgeable programs we have some of the most sophisticated ones such as Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Turbo etc.

Out of all Discovery is probably the most loved one and its program How Stuff Works delivers the best and complete knowledge of almost everything that one can think of. The program has brought information to us from fields like automotive to music, innovative technologies to inventions and a lot of other.

Talking about people like us who hardly get any time to watch the whole program since we are always occupied with work, gaining the same knowledge through our smart android phones would be a much better option. How Stuff Works’ official application is out on the android market for free and trust us, it has a lot more to offer than one can think of.

Howw stuff works how stuff works2

The main page gives you five options to choose from which include Featured, Read, Facts, Quotes and Shows. The first option lets you surf through the featured content and listen to audio recordings explaining every possible line of the actual episode. The app provides the user with a lot of sections as you can see in the above image.

The read section is dedicated to textual information with almost every possible topic covered. Categories like Popular, Adventure, Animals, Auto, Culture, Entertainment, Health, Home, Money, Science and Tech are there in the Read section.

How Stuff Works1How Stuff Works3

Facts as the word suggests brings interesting facts to you and thousands of them could be surfed through by clicking on the GET MORE WISDOM button at the bottom of the screen. Quotes and Shows are also an integral part of the app. One can also wish to receive push notifications for the desired sections by enabling the option for the same from the following location – Menu> Applications Settings>  Notifications. The app also has a dedicated widget which could be placed on your home screen for convenience of scrolling through facts and quotes.

How Stuff Works WidgetHow Stuff Works Settings

The interface is also very user friendly and the knowledge base is as vast as the original television series. So it becomes one of the must have app for your android phone and to download it follow the link provided below.

Download How Stuff Works – [Android Market]

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