How Stop and Remove LightScribeService – lssrvc.exe From Your Computer

Nero is no doubt quite amazing software for writing dvd’s and cd’s but in the background it installs so many useless additional softwares and features which you may not require but they will keep running in background using your CPU, One such service called LightScribeService, runs a process with the executable named lssrvc.exe


What is lssrvc.exe ?

lssrvc.exe is a process associated with the Light Scribe software from Nero AG. LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is a disc labeling technology that enables you to burn silkscreen-quality labels directly on your CDs and DVDs.

So, if you don’t use this service for burning labels to disc, you should better stop this service and remove it, follow the procedure below to do it.

1. Open Start Menu >> Run prompt and type Services.msc

2. Locate the service named LightScribeService


3. Double click the LightScribeService to edit, you will see the following window and click the stop button to first stop the service.


4. After stooping the service, click the drop down box for startup type and select disabled.


5. click Apply and OK button, that’s it done. if you have followed the procedure properly you will not see lssrvc.exe running under process in future on your computer. 

Note: We have written about removing some other non relevant process from your computer you can read about to remove other useless process here


  1. jay says

    THANKS for this info. I spent ages looking up how to stop this damn nuisance but most of the info is crap.


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