How HP EPrint Enabled Photosmart Printers Are Smarter Than Other Printers

HP has been a leader when it comes to printers, since school time then college and then in office I have seen HP printers every where, I also have a hp deskjet all in one printer at home. With time hp has brought much innovation to printers by making them all in one machine for scanning, printing and photocopying no these days they have taken their printers to another level by making these printers wireless connected to your network with which it becomes more easy to give the print command from the wireless network connected devices like phones, laptops and tablet.

Now the cool new hp eprint technology enabled printers can print a document simply when you send a document to printed to an email address assigned to the printer. This means that just like us hp photosmart series printers with eprint technology enabled have a unique email address on which you can send a file to be printed. This makes one to be virtually present at one place and physically delivering work a some other place, consider a presentation being sent to your boss and getting it printed remotely at office while you are at resting at home.


HP Photosmart Eprint Printers Have The Following Great Value Features

1. They can easily be accessible, and you don’t need a PC connected to the printer to print documents.

2. You can control, go through the print jobs easily and also can print web content, photos and more using the large intuitive HP Touchsmart screen mounted on the printer which feels like a iphone mounted on the printer.

3. Print from anywhere and remotely is the biggest convenience factor you will get in these printers.

4. Even if the email id is known to others you will have a complete control over the documents being printed, you can control over all the print jobs through a web interface or even cancel a print job.

5. You can even specify and impose printing permissions and access control over the print jobs.

6. These printers are targeted for the consumers and their day to day requirements so you can also print little things like greeting cards, beautiful postcards with these printers.

7. They are made affordable for consumers and also provide great lab quality photo prints which can be real good for your photo frames.

8. You can access snapfish to print and share photos and also can use hp photo creations software to edit the photos to printed.

9. All these printers are developed on the idea to print on demand with an auto engaging tray.

10. Has the advantage of high capacity ink cartridges or hp photo value packs which is a better value for frequent printing.

Last but not the least these printers are also good for the environment as they save same time energy and reduces wastage of paper by printing on two sides of document automatically and intelligently.

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