How Get New Facebook Timeline Feature On Non Developer Facebook Account [Snapshot Tour]

New facebook timeline feature has been rolled out for developers as if now, but with the simple hack you can enable it on your profile as well, but in order to do you need to be a fake developer. Follow the simple guide on how to enable facebook timeline feature on your facebook account. If you don’t want to follow this way, you can sign up for facebook timeline feature here and before 30 September it will roll out for all the facebook users. Here is how the facebook timeline looks once enabled as shown in the image below.

facebook timeline abhishek

Just in case, if you can’t wait and try our facebook new timeline feature now, follow the guide below.

1. Log in to your facebook account.

2. Once you are logged in search for the text developers in the facebook search bar as shown in the image below.

facebook developers

3. It will take you the developers app page, you will need to allows access to your profile, may need to enter password of your facebook account while doing this.

9-23-2011 12-27-50 PM

4. Now click the create new app button on the top right corner of the page as shown in the image below.

9-23-2011 12-29-38 PM

5. Now enter a random app name as anything you want, for example testapp and testapptestdd as shown in the image below, type anything you want but no numbers or underscores in app namespace.

test app facebook

6. Now type the security check code and press submit button as shown in the image below.

9-23-2011 12-33-21 PM

7. Now click save changes button at the bottom of the page

9-23-2011 12-34-53 PM

8. Now click open graph text in the top left sidebar on this page

9-23-2011 12-35-40 PM

9. Now define what does your app do, type anything and click get started green button as shown in the image below.

9-23-2011 12-37-02 PM

10. Once done, navigate to your facebook profile page you will see the new timeline feature show up

9-23-2011 12-47-09 PM

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