How Does HP Laserjet Printer P1108 Saves Energy To Become Most Efficient Printer – Get One For Free [Giveaway]

One major most used and costly is electric power these days which is required to run the device like printer and other computing hardware. HP has always been a leader in innovation when it comes to changing printer technology with respect to latest upcoming challenges.

Yesterday, I attended a press conference by HP where they launched their latest efficient laser printer HP Laserjet Pro P1108 which as per their saying if the most energy saving efficient laser printer till now.  HP LaserJet Pro P1108 is a single function monochrome LaserJet that provides Small and Medium business with fast, reliable, professional HP LaserJet printing in an innovative, compact design that easily fits on a desktop.


HP Laserjet Pro P1108 Features


How Does HP Laserjet Pro P1108 Saves Power & Become Efficient ?

Power Saver Feature

It is powered with HP Auto-On/Auto-off technology which senses senses all printing activity, turning the device on when users need it and off when they don’t. It will turn off after 5-6 minutes once you fire the print command, unless another print command is fired after that. This way it saves all the energy and become most energy efficient laser printer.

Note: Even when it is in auto off mode, the time lag to resume printing when you have given the print command is in milliseconds which makes it functional all the time even when it not drawing any power. When it goes to auto off mode it does not draw any power from power port and saves a lot of electricity.

HP Smart Install

One of the most common task which consumes a lot of time when you would want to install a printer, is when you need to install the printer drivers from the cd which usually takes a good amount of time. Where as this printer comes up with HP smart install in which there is no need need for a CD to install the printer drivers on any Windows® PC. It takes less than 2 minutes to start printing from the moment the printer is plugged into the USB port of a PC.

Full Toner

It comes with full toner which helps save costs by printing up to 1500 pages with a single cartridge.

HP Smart Web Printing

It also comes up with HP smart web printing which help you select and print the selected area of a webpage rather than printing the entire page and there by saves a lot paper wastage. It does cuts down on paper wastage by automatically scaling the web page output to fit the width of paper.

High Printer Speed

Apart from all the above features it prints at speed of 18 pages per minute and the first page is out in as fast as 8.5 seconds depending on the content to be printed.

Cost Of This Printer

The printer is launched in two variants, one is HP Laserjet Pro P1108 which available for Rs. 6,599/- and the other variant of the model, HP LaserJet Pro P1106 is available for Rs. 5,999/

Free HP Laserjet Pro P1108 Giveaway Rules

HP has partnered with us to giveaway one HP Laserjet Pro P1108 for free one of our reader, who can give us a great idea about environment or about how printers should evolve to become more green and efficient with time.

1. Follow, @technixupdate on twitter and post your green idea on your twitter timeline using hashtag  #newhpprinter with mention to our twitter account @technixupdate in the tweet.


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Once you have posted the green idea, the more number of likes you get on facebook or the more number of retweets you get for your tweet more are your chances of winning the printer.

3. Leave a comment below at the end of this post, with the link to twitter status update or facebook status update

Note: Winner name will be announced in 1st Week of January 2012

Update: 1 Jan 2012 – Thanks all the readers of Technixupdate for participating in this contest, if you have not won this time stay tuned for more contest like this and all the best for the next time.

Winner Of HP Laserjet Pro P1108 is Kashish Bidsar [ Winner name is selected with a Random Draw]



  1. Rahul Sharma says

    Thnkx for the Giveaway :)
    Shared here :-!/RahulSharma49/status/145887479323561984

  2. rahul says

    I want this printer as it seems really easy and efficient to use, liked the powerful saving feature of this printer.

  3. cool dude says

    Printer saving energy is Saved money and the world at the same time through energy conservation. Reducing your energy use slows global warming and reduces pollution. The fossil fuels.

    I think this printer is one the best for environment, I want to win this

  4. techrajat says

    I want this printer, I think printer should be able to print on any object or should actually project what to be printed and should save energy to reduce power bill.

  5. Kashish Bidsar says

    Energy Saving has been the utmost concern for big manufacturers like HP and i am glad that they have come up with such an efficient machine. I really like the Auto On/Off feature and its time of response which is in milliseconds. I really wish it had an Eco-friendly built like of wood or some more eco-friendly plastics. I am looking forward to contest and i hope i win it.!/bidsark/status/151996658291453952

  6. Sumit Gupta says

    I think if printers can print a paper with a special kind of ink which could be reused once the print paper job is over.

  7. Aditya says

    If printers can process printed paper and recycle it to produce more paper, however this may sound to vague – but with great enggineering and imagination it can be done

  8. Prateek says

    I would say, one the best approach to make printers eco friendly is to stop using them and start using digital devices to read and display the information required to be printed.

  9. Krishnakumar Pradhan says

    I am interested i laser jet printer, onlythet price of the cartidge supplied with it will be paid on delivery