How Can I Download A File From – Reader Question

Downloading a particular file from internet can be quite hard sometimes and as people read less and click more and even sometimes the direct link to download a file from a web page comes after navigation to many pages which involves clicking some links on the webpage.

Same problem occurred with one of our layman reader who was not able to locate the download link as it was not at the center of the page, rather it was placed on the top right corner but she was not able to see it there for some time, this happens when she tried to download the full setup of yahoo messenger from

Here is how you can download a file from

Lets assume the same case that you are also trying to download yahoo messenger, lets discuss this as all other files can be easily downloaded. 

1. Here is the Link to the yahoo messenger download on – open this link in any browser

2. After opening this page you will see three columns in which the first left column is of ads and center column is content about the file you are downloading and the last right column contains the download link to the software and the previous version history of the software you are downloading (as shown in the image below)


3. As highlighted in the image above the text written in the top of the right column as Download Latest Version is the link to be clicked to download the file.

PS: I know this a simple post but this will help many laymans who are new to computers.


  1. Brian says

    Filehippo is an EXCELLENT download site, and I’m pleased to see you assisting people in how to use it. Nice article.

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