How Can I Copy Files From One Folder To Another Folder On Same Computer Automatically Without User Input?

All of us keep a carbon copy of our important folders which we keep on updating after certain time so that in case the original document gets corrupted or lost, we can take the help of it. This process can be easy for small folders but for a folder which has many sub-folders inside it, is a difficult task. We have to first check which sub-folders have been updated and which are not. And then, copy the updated one to the copy folder. This whole process is very boring and confusing. For this, there is a freeware called UpdateIt which is especially designed for the synchronization of the source folder’s content with the content of target folder on a local computer or a remote FTP server. UpdateIt searches all files in the source folder that are modified after specified date/time. It can copy found files to the target folder with preservation of an initial structure of the subfolders. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp. After installation, it will first ask you to provide your e-mail and outgoing mail server to be used to send crash reports (in case of their occurrence). If you are not sure which outgoing SMTP server to specify look at your default E-mail client settings. You can also skip this step and click ‘Next’.

image After that, step 1 will ask you to put the source and destination folders in the space provided. You can also enable to search in the sub-folders. You also have to specify the date and time since which files in the source folder should be considered updated. You can also first clean the target folder by enabling the option. image After that, you will get a list of the updated files in step 2. Here, the file name, its extension, date and time when modified will be present. In case, you do not want  to copy some files, you can remove it from the list using the option present at the bottom right side. image In the step 3, you will provided the option of copy or move the file to the target folder. You can also upload the file to FTP by providing the following details. Also, you can zip the files and send it via email by just providing the details required. image In the step 4, your selected process will take place and will show this window. image So, you can update your folders following just 4 steps easily. Download UpdateIt Also, read about similar tool on File Backup, Photos Sync or Transfer Files To Other Computer.

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