Hotmail Getting Shipment Tracking Feature, Facebook Friend Chats Soon

You will agree with me competition always leads to improvment. I will try to proove my statement with the improvements whch can be recently seen in the hotmail these days. Recently when Google made certain changes like introducing the Priority Inbox and increasing some of the features in Google Docs, Hotmail also tried to improve their features, which I will be mentioning in the post. Some of the features have already been launched by hotmail and this can be read from this article. Some of the features like increasing the capacity of the mail attachment and then sharing the image files upto 10 Gb and few more have already been enabled but still there some of the features which it will be launching soon and in this post I will be elaborating about them.

One of the best features which hotmail will be launching is related to the chatting with friends in your facebook frineds list. Really, this is the best feature that can attract many of the users. As we know that Facebook is one of the best Social networking sites that are used now a days and if hotmail is giving you a feature with the help of which you can chat with all the friends on Facebook without going to the homepage of Facebook or we can be online everytime on Facebook by being online on hotmail.

And the second feature is tracking the packages which are shipped, as from now on there is no need to visit the shipper’s website to check the package tracking number as with the help of Active views you will be able to see them because they will be highlighted in the e-mail. Now this feature is enabled with some of the websites like DHL and Fedex, and they are only available in US. So finally this feature will save your trip to shipper’s website.

These updates will definetly attract many of the users (specially who love to be online on Facebook) to open their account on hotmail. Well I hope that they will be coming out with many of the features as mentioned by the Windows blog and there is no need to worry about the updates as we will keep you updated with all the updates which it will be including from time to time. Please do not hesitate in mentioning about any update, related to the features of the hotmail.

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