Hotmail Alias Email Addresses Makes It Simple To Manage, Sort Emails Coming From Different People

Hotmail is a no doubt one the great email services which actually provides features like active view and some other great new features introduced recently. Apart from these cool features hotmail now supports aliases which can be really useful, let me tell you how this feature can be helpful for a person using hotmail. For example there is person named Tarun who is connected to different sets of people as business people, casual friends, family and others and these groups of people email him on his hotmail email address.


Now imagine if all these different messages were to come to just one e-mail address and then they segregated themselves in “different folders” depending on the context. It would really make Tarun like simple. To address this, Hotmail team has rolled out new features Hotmail Aliases with which you can now add up to five new aliases a year and up to fifteen aliases in total – all this with just one single Hotmail id. Sample becomes,, and for different selected sites that Tarun chooses.

With Hotmail Aliases you can actually control what you want to show and tell, and what you want to conceal. The Hotmail and some other email services allow users to add a plus sign (‘+’) and a descriptive word to the first part of your email address. Email sent to this alias will still be delivered to your inbox or to a particular folder. However, with the plus addresses that many services offer, it’s still very easy to determine your actual email address, much against your wish! But with Hotmail Aliases it’s exactly as you want it to be. It lets you create completely different email addresses that you can use to receive email into your primary account without anyone knowing what your primary email address is

In order to enable this cool new feature of hotmail aliases, follow the procedure below.

Enable, Create Hotmail Alias Email Id

In order to create a hotmail alias just add a word to your hotmail id user named while giving that email to the person of different context like family, business and friends like as and

Hotmail says that they allow only 5 email aliases, but we just checked after creating more than 5 and it worked fine so you can also try in case you need more alias, we are not sure about the maximum number they support, but its looks like you can create and use as many as you want as shown in the image below.

5-13-2011 1-30-44 PM

One thing you should notice here is that when ever you create a alias hotmail email for giving it to some one, if you want it to filter in a specific folder you will need to create a filter inside hotmail so that emails sent to that hotmail alias should go in the folder you created by setting a filter in hotmail, read our guide on how to create a filter in hotmail.

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