Hotmail Account Recovery Procedure [Video]

The highest level of security features which can be seen on internet is while using your credit or debit card online. It will be great if you can get that kind of security on your social networking account or on your e-mail account for this Hotmail and Gmail will have to do lot about it, but still it seems that Hotmail is heading towards this desire of their users and that is the reason they have introduced the Account recovery system for your e-mail account on Hotmail. In this post we will be talking more about this new feature.

All the banks and credit card companies keep a track on all the malicious activities related to your credit card and if anything suspicious is observed then you are supposed to go through certain formalities. Now it seems that Hotmail is also following the same procedure to track the malicious activities done related to your account. If your account has been used to send many of the spam messages, now if your account has been suspected then you can get to know about this in the following way:

You will enter into the Account recovery wizard, which may help you to check whether any information has been changed without your intimation, you will also have to verify your identity and then you will have to change your password. This new system will help you to maintain the high security level in your account.

If you are logging with the help of your phone then you might see an error page. After visiting this page go to Hotmail login page where you can know that whether your account has been compromised or not. Even if it has been compromised then there is no need to worry as Microsoft will have it fixed for you.

We have posted a video which can tell you the steps to proceed in Account Recovery Wizard. So, go on sharing this nice tutorial with your friends and then please let us know about your experience and your feedback, if you face any problem while performing this tutorial then please let us know as we might be able to help you. Moreover if you have got a better idea to perform the same task then please let us know by putting it in the comments section and if we found it genuine and better then we will share it with all the other readers on your behalf. Till then keep reading.

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