Hotkey To Open Command Prompt Form Any Folder In Windows

We have written about several tips on command prompt before like what to do when command prompt disabled by virus how to open command prompt from any folder in windows explorer or how to open windows explorer from command prompt and how to run command prompt with admin rights.

Today we will tell you how to launch command prompt from any windows folder through a hotkey or keyboard shortcut.

PromptHere is a small program which sits in system tray and allows you to open a command prompt directly in the folder you’re browsing at that time, by using a custom shortcut mouse/key combination.

After running the program you can press alt+mouse middle click to open the command prompt starting from the folder you are currently browsing or selected in windows explorer. This application does not have a visual interface, it is simple Automatic Hotkey Script which keeps running and provide this functionality.

Download PromptHere

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