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Previously we had written about another free desktop file uploader which supports over 70+ hosting services online, and some other uploader like rapidshare desktop uploader. Today we have another small free program which allows you to upload any file directly from your desktop to – It is another new emerging download servers.

HotFile Desktop Uploader requires you to have a account on in order to upload files, so make sure you sign up for a free account at Here is how you can configure hotfile desktop uploader.

1. Download uploader from here

2. After you downloaded the zip archive, extract it somewhere you will get 2 files hfup.exe, config.ini


3. Open config.ini and enter the username and password of your account and press save


4. Now double click another file called hfup.exe, you will see the following program windows


click yes to add upload option in context menu

5. Once you get the hotfile upload option in context menu, just right click any file and upload it to with this tool


6. It will start uploading to hotfile after you select a file to upload, and will show you the progress bar indicating how much file has been uploaded.


Update: This application is quite old, it may not work now. This application is developed by some independent developer, as per our information it does not have anything harlful. if it reports some malware or virus by your antivirus please do not use it, refer to the developer source link below for more information.

[ Developer Link ] Source


  1. ThisProgramSucks says

    Malware reported – probably gives them your HotFile password. Dumb. If this were real, why wouldn’t HotFile has this on their site?

  2. abhishek says

    its developed by some independent developer, please do not use if you see some malware reported in it

  3. tom says

    after uninstalling this software the “upload to hotfile []” still shows when right clicking a file… anyone know how to remove it? can’t find anything in the registry.

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