Highlight Text And Post It On Facebook, Twitter

When you have to copy and paste a piece of text from a text pad, word pad or any other place to some application like Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other application you have to copy the text and then you have to got to the specific window to paste it. But today I got a software named Click.to which will actually help you to paste the piece of text in any application simply after you copy the text.

click.to 1

This is the first screen which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing the tool. The screen just shows you a demo of what a tool can do.

click.to 2

After you will press the Next button on the previous screen the above screen will open for you. The screen has a lot of applications and websites that you use frequently in your computer or laptop. You can select these applications or websites based on your requirement.

click.to 3

Now after you will press the next button on the previous window you will come to this window. This window has a tutorial video which will explain you about the working of this software.

click.to 4

This window explains how this tool works. Whenever you will copy any piece of text from any application in your computer or laptop it will open a list of application’s where you can paste the text that you have selected.

click.to 5

After you will press the Finish button in the previous  window the application will get installed. The application will always be available to you from the system tray. When you will right click on the application it will show you a menu which will have option like Show Actions, Hide for this application, Tell a friend, Send Report, Statistics, Check for Updates and Options.

click.to 6

When you will click on the Options the above window will open. The  window has three tabs i.e. Actions, Appearance and Advanced. The window has a list of application and websites. You can choose the application and websites on your requirement. The options which are already chosen by default are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Word and Back. You have the options to move these selected programs and applications Up or Down. You can also Add, Edit or remove an application or a website in this list.

click.to 7

The second tab is Appearance which has the option to decide where and in what location should the application bar appear on the window to choose the application where you want to paste the text that you have copies. You can also define the shortcut to show the satellite icons and the time for showing the satellite icons.

click.to 8

In Advanced Settings tab you will have the options such as Clear cached credentials, Reset to default settings, Proxy settings, Send report and Open Settings path.

Download Click.to.

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