Highlight Code Text In Blog Post With Live Writer Using HiglightMe

Blogging has become one of the major activities done on the Internet. There are number of websites available over the web which allows the user to make their own accounts and to start creating their own blogs. Various sites also provide information in the form of articles and blogs which has become one of the major sources of information for the user accessing the internet. There are number of tools and websites available which helps the user to start writing and manages all the complex issues which can occur during the blogging. With the help of these blogging tools available for the user, this task becomes so simple that the user only needs to write the articles and other everything is itself managed by the blogging tool which is being used by the user.

One of such tool is Windows Live Writer, which I can personally say that is one of the best and easy to use blogging tool available for Windows. It comes up with lots and lots of features which help bloggers to a great extent while writing articles or blogs. Although, there are number of features available with this tool but still Windows Live writer does not feature any default syntax highlighting feature. Sometimes, there is a need where you want to highlight something especially if you are sharing code on your blog. For this, we recommend you a latest developed plugin which can prove to be very useful in the above mentioned scenario. HiglightMe is a very small-sized, useful, freely available and a pretty simple plugin which can be easily installed to be used along with the Windows Live Writer. It is a Plugin especially designed for Syntax Highlighting and allows the user to highlight codes in the articles or blog posts written in Windows Live Writer. One of the most important feature about this plugin is that it supports almost all the languages.


Code will be shown as below :


If interested, then you may download it from the below given link and easily install this plugin. Once installed, then you may need to just select the Insert tab from the Windows live writer’s interface and you may click on the HighlightMe from the plugins. After this, you may observe that it simply opens a new window where you can enter the code and select the coding language from the list. After entering the code, simply click on the insert button. After this you can see syntax highlighted in the blog post.

Download HiglightMe

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