Hide Your Mobile Phone Data, Pictures, Messages & Contacts

A mobile phone is termed as a portable device or more precisely a personal device which is very private to people who use it. Since it is a personal device the content on it has to be personal and one would never wish others to see his/her content over the phone. In situations where another person tries his hands on your phone without your consent, is certainly undesirable.

Many mobile phone users like us are very scared of keeping their personal content over the phone or else i should say they keep it for the time they want to use it and later remove the same. This on and off process of saving and removing content is definitely unwanted and it has to be sorted out in order to make this issue more convenient through certain software or application.

Smart Guard more than being a guarding application, is a hiding software which hides your desired content present on the phone including messages, contacts picture etc. The best feature of this application is that it does not pops up with a window demanding the password in order to view the hidden content, instead it simply hides it and everyone who accesses your phone would be able to see only the unhidden content.

The app is available on the Nokia Ovi store for just Rs.125 and believe me it is worth the money they are asking. The following images will provide you an overview of this cool app making it convenient for you to use it when you download it.


The interface is too easy to understand and the password to be used is asked initially when you start the app and for future interaction with the app and is asked every time you access it. The settings option enables you to change the existing password as well as setting the time after which the application should auto exit.

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