Hide Your Facebook Photos From Some Friends and Those Who Are Not Your Friends

There are times when you may want to block access to your facebook uploaded photos to some specific friends or some other people who are not your friends or they are like Friends of Friends on facebook.

Facebook allows you to block access to your facebook uploaded photos as per a specific group or some specific friends, follow the procedure below to know how to do it.

1. Login to facebook.com with a valid username and password.

2. Go to Facebook Account Privacy Settings through the right side dropdown menu


3. Under Privacy settings locate Personal Information and Posts and click it to access the configuration options hidden deep under.


4. Under Personal Information and Posts – Locate Photos Albums and then click Edit Settings button on the right


Now Facebook photo privacy settings page will open up, here you can specify the permissions on group basis or block some friends to access any photos like profile photos, mobile uploads [ those pics which you upload from your mobile phone to facebook ] or wall photos [ the ones you post on your facebook wall ]

Now if you want to block Friends or Friends of Friends or Everyone you just need to click the drop down and select the group of people who can see your photos.


If you want to block specific facebook friends of yours, not to see some photos of yours then click the drop down menu and select customize.


Now Custom Privacy window will appear, now type in the name of the facebook friends whom you would like to block access to see your photos.


We hope you found this tip helpful, you can also read more facebook tips we had written here and some other facebook privacy tips we have written on another blog of our network. 


  1. Toh says

    i want to stop a specific person from seeing my pictures on facebook but i cant because their name doesn’t appear as they changed their name into arabic. Is there anything i can do.

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