How To Block, Delete A Contact, Friend In Live Messenger

Recently Live Messenger has been updated with some great new features with the release of live essentials 2011. Now you can actually use live messenger 2011 as social hub to by connecting different web services like Linkedin, Facebook, Flickr etc. You can chat with your facebook friends, chat with linked in friends and update your status on facebook directly through windows live messenger.

Coming to the point, today we will tell you another tip on how to block or delete a contact in live messenger.

Run, and login to live messenger with your live id and search the contact or just right click on the contact which you want to block or delete and select the option to delete the contact as shown in the image below.

10-4-2010 1-11-59 AM

Just in case you are not sure to block or delete a contact, you can still have another way out by selecting the option appear offline to this person.

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