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January 6, 20093 Comments

Start button is the most frequently clicked button in windows but on the other hand some windows users will agree that it takes some valuable desktop space which can be utilized otherwise.

Today, We will tell you how can remove the start button form your desktop and make it invisible from your eyes with a free utility called Start Killer

Taskbar with Start Button


Taskbar without Start Button


After removing start button from taskbar you will get more space on the taskbar to store more opened windows and applications.


Let’s see how can you remove the start button from taskbar or in other words make start button invisible on the start menu.

Start Killer not only hides start button but you can also disable start menu completely if you like to just to play a trick on your friend’s computer.


You can set start killer to show or hide the tray icon for the program in system tray and set it to load on windows start up automatically.

In order to hide start button on taskbar you just need run the program and start button will hide automatically.

Download Start Killer

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  1. Arif Ali Saiyed says:

    That was a cool utility Abhishek Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Arif Ali Saiyed says:

    Hey I downloaded and tried, The moment it gets launched it hides the Start button and place itself in tray. Only Tray has an option to launch the preferences dialog. If you uncheck “Show icon in tray”, There is no way to get back or is there? I could not find any way to get the icon back in tray. Otherwise its cool and I am considering giving an option in upcoming release of my utility Process Manager for Windows(PMW).

  3. Kenzo says:

    How to unhide the start menu ?

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