Hide SMS Preview In iPhone With 3.0 or Newer OS Firmware | Disable SMS Preview On iPhone 3GS, 3G | Cannot Find SMS Preview ON / OFF Toggle Under Settings >> General >> Passcode Lock

To hide SMS preview can be really very important feature some times, if you don’t want other to read your messages when some one else is using your iPhone, however iPhone by default does not hide the preview of the SMS received but gives you easy to set option to turn on or off the SMS preview.


Before iPhone 3.0 firmware was released the show SMS preview option was used to be under Settings >> General >> Passcode Lock in iPhone but recently after I upgraded my iphone 3g to 3.0 OS I came to know that this option of show SMS preview has been moved under Settings >> Messages

In iPhone with Firmware Less Than 3.0 i.e 2.0 .2.2 or 2.2.1 iphone firmware


In iPhone with Firmware 3.0 or Newer Firmware


So in order to hide SMS preview on your iphone with 3.0 firmware installed go to Settings >> Messages and toggle Show Preview

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