Hide Sites You Visited To Show Up In IE9 New Tab

IE9 seems to be a great browser improvement over IE8 as it has so much great features like hardware acceleration, clean UI and faster response times as compared to previous version of Internet Explorer, you can download it from here.

But with so many features added up, there are some feature which are not being liked by all the users, IE9 by default shows the previous websites when you open a new tab, this feature is not admired by all the users as if they are using a computer in shared mode they may not want to see others which sites they visited through this way.

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You can easily disable this sites from showing up by clicking the link in the top right corner which says Hide sites as shown in the image below.


But this method is so simple, here is another method with which you can change the look of the new tab in Internet Explorer and stop it from showing visited sites.

1. Go to Internet Explorer settings as shown in the image below.

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2. Under general tab, click Settings under the tabs section as shown in the image below

3. Now under the section which says When a new tab is opened, open – select the option to show a blank page or your first home page from the drop down and click ok to save changes as shown in the image below

9-27-2010 11-57-14 PM

Next time you open a new tab in IE9 it will not show you previously visited sites Smile 

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