Hide, Show PicasaWeb Album Tab Link On Your Google Profile

Google made some nice changes to the user interface of google profiles recently, you can read our post to know about these changes. Now google allows you to show or hide the picasa web link for your google account as a tab in google profiles as you can see in the image below.

4-2-2011 9-13-22 PM

Google Profiles has teamed with Picasa Web Albums to help showcase your photos on the web. A Google profile is your public page, and photos are often a big part of who you are. By using your profile with Picasa Web Albums, you can make it even easier for people to find the photos you’ve shared with them.

If you’re new to Picasa Web Albums, you’ll create or add your profile during the sign-up process. If you already use Picasa Web Albums, the choice is yours. If you decide you’d like to use a profile, go to the My Photos tab and then click Showcase your Photos on the right-hand side. As the profile owner, you can see all of your own public albums as well as those that you’ve shared with other people on the PicasaWeb tab.

  • Visitors to your profile can see your full name and your public Picasa Web Albums.
  • Your private albums stay private. Only the people with whom you’ve shared can see them.
  • Existing comments, likes, and albums will be associated with the name you’ve chosen on your profile.

Above all, remember that you control who sees your albums and where. Your best form of control is to actively manage the album visibility in Picasa Web Albums. On your Google profile, you can completely hide the PicasaWeb tab (or the other tabs) from public view

Hide Or Show Picasa Web Tab Link On Google Profile

1. Go to https://profiles.google.com and sign in with your google account.

2. Now click Edit Profile button on the top right corner of the page as you see in the image above.

4-2-2011 9-17-39 PM

3. Now click on the PicasaWeb tab and then you can select it to show or hide on your google account profile as you can see in the image below.

4-2-2011 9-19-37 PM

4. Once you done, click Finished Editing button as shown in the image below.

4-2-2011 9-21-53 PM

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