Hide, Show Bookmarks Bar In iPad Safari Browser For Quick Access To Load Websites

Its been a 2-3 days since I have got an ipad 2 and I must say I have started loving it, I have exploring different thing on my new ipad 2, one great helpful feature I find on my ipad 2 running on firmware 4.3.2 was it can show a bookmark bar just like you see in the safari browser in your windows or mac os computer.

You can either hide or show the bookmark bar if it is useful to you on your ipad, there features seems to be there in later firmware, however you will need to check it if it exist and enabled on your ipad running some lower firmware than 4.3.2

The bookmarks bar in my case was really helpful for me to browse web and access the most frequently visited website through the bookmarks bar which is displayed at the top below the address bar in safari browser on my ipad as shown in the image below.


Below is the screenshot of how safari browser look without the bookmarks bar displayed.


Follow the procedure below to enable or show bookmarks bar in ipad safari browser.

Show Or Hide Bookmarks Bar In Safari Browser [ On iPad ] 

1. Go to setting on ipad, now tap safari under settings and then on the toggle which says Always Show Bookmarks Bar


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