Hide Running Programs, Windows So They Don’t Appear In Task Manager As Well

Sometimes when you are working on something private at a place which is not so private and you don’t want others to see what you are working on, then I have a perfect tool for you known as HyperHide. The tool can hide and unhide the selected programs and windows currently running on your computer at just the touch of a button. So it is very useful for you in case you are working and you see someone coming towards you, you can just press the button and hide all the selected windows and programs. And after the person is gone you can again press the same button and bring the windows and programs up again.

HyperHide 1

This is the window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The two main tabs in this tool are Open Windows and Hotkeys. In the tab Open windows you will be able to see all the programs and applications that are currently running on your computer. And you will also see a checkbox to select them in front of them, you can also select all of them with the Select All link at the top and click Hide me to Hide the selected programs and windows.

HyperHide 2

The second tab in the Hyper Hide is Hotkeys. This tab contains the selection of key combination for various tasks like hide and show HyperHide, hide and display windows and various selected programs and Panic Hot Key to hide everything. There is also an option to start Hyper Hide with windows which can selected depending upon the requirement.

This tool is free and I have already told you about the services being provided by this tool. There is another version of this tool HyperHide Pro which provides even more advanced security features. It has the features to turn you speakers to mute, no sounds will come when you will hide and unhide the windows. This version also has the password protection for you to control when should the windows hide and reappear. In this version you will also get a stealth mode so that no one except you can know that this software is active on your computer

There are one more software available which also provides the same functionalities Magic Box Key.

Download HyperHide.

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