Hide Running Program, Application Window As Icon In Windows 7 System Tray

It is quite general that we are using many applications at the same time. A word document, an excel sheet, media player, internet browser and few others if used at the same time will clutter the taskbar which is not liked at all. There are few applications which are hides itself to the system tray. But these are few and a lot remains on the taskbar. In this situation, we prefer that some icons which are not to be frequently used should be hidden to the system tray and should not bother our work. To solve the problem, I would like to introduce a utility named as HideIt.

Some other similar freewares are: Magic Tray, TrayIt and Window Minimizer.

HideIt is a small freeware of 1.23 MB only. It is a portable freeware. It has been designed to help the users to hide the windows presently in use to the system tray. The tool itself will also be present at the system tray when you open it. The snapshot given below displays the presence of the utility in the system tray.


Now, you can easily minimize all the window consoles to the system tray. Whenever you right click on the minimize button of any window, the HIdeIt option will appear to you as shown in the snapshot below.

HideIt - Hide all your windows by ~vasanrulez on deviantART - Google Chrome_2011-05-20_17-32-01

Click on the HIdeIt option and the application now will be minimised to the system tray instead on your taskbar. There are few applications which are pinned down to the task bar. Those applications can also be minimised to the system tray. This will help the users to maintain the privacy. Now you can easily hide the work you are doing from the all your colleagues and especially your boss. Feel free to use any window and simply hide it when you want to. The fast access to the tool makes it more beneficial and helpful.

Keep your task bar free for the necessary applications only. Don’t make a mess over there. And enjoy managing your windows with the HideIt. Moreover, the large list of icons on the taskbar creates inconvenience when we are in a hurry. HideIt will help you to solve all the matters easily and efficiently.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and will be compatible with the other versions also. The freeware works well almost all the applications but a few. We cannot use the freeware for Outlook 2010 and few others. Expect those it works well.

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