Hide Running Process and Its Icon From System Tray

There are time when various running process gets hanged and stop responding, in such a case it required to kill those process. Process Manager For Windows allows you to kill, set priority, hide running process, hide all running process, kill a specific process or kill all process etc. Using this program is quite simple to kill process or hide them.


It allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to kill any process, hide process and do other things.


After installing and running this program it will show a system tray icon, which allows you to hide or unhide all the running process or kill them as shown in the image below.


You can even hide the tray icon of this program as shown in the image above or quit this program with a keyboard shortcut, In order to kill a specific application program right click the program and go to kill >> select the program which you want to kill.

Download Process Manager


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    Thanks again Abhishek for review.

    Few more things about it

    1. A portable version is also available for this
    2. now it’s multilingual
    3. It has an auto update also which doesn’t bug you more than once.

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