Hide Ribbon Bar In Windows 8 Explorer Window

Windows 8 seems to be one the best version of windows coming out from Microsoft. Since the day when windows 8 developer preview is out, I have been testing it and coming out with some cool tips and tricks for windows 8.

9-15-2011 4-21-54 AM

Just in case, if you want to hide the windows 8 explorer ribbon bar, first press windows + e to open windows 8 explorer windows in windows 8, then select the option to hide the ribbon bar which shows copy, paste, rename and other options as shown in the image below.

9-15-2011 4-22-07 AM

This way you can get more free empty space in windows explorer and lets you see files just like you see in windows 7 explorer window. However the ribbon bar in windows explorer will show up next time you login or restart windows 8, in case you cant to force windows 8 to hide ribbon bar by default, then you can follow the Howtogeek guide here for a permanent solution to hide or don’t show ribbon bar.

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