Hide, Remove User Account On Windows 7 Welcome Login Screen

Many people use their computer on sharing basis with other users normally other people have their separate account, but some time you may not want other to see your user account on login screen, Windows allows you to remove your user account and hide it from from being displayed at the welcome login screen.

Follow the procedure below to hide or remove user account from login screen.

Please Note: The method given below involves registry editing, please make sure you backup your system registry before making any changes.

1. Open start menu, go to run and type regedit and press enter

2. Navigate to the following registry path given below.

HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

Note: If you find the key already created till the path mentioned above go to step 4

if you do not find the key named Special Accounts under winlogon then you will need to right click in the left pane and select new key


3.name this key as Special Accounts and then again create another key named UserList as shown in the image below.


4. Now create a DWORD 32 bit value in UserList and rename it with user account you want to hide from the login screen.


5. Once you rename it with user account, this account will be instantly hidden from login screen, exit registry and reboot your computer to see the changes into effect. We have also written some other tips and tricks for windows 7 and windows, you can read more tips like these.


  1. Coagmano says

    just like all the other pages with this procedure


    it disables the account rather than hiding it; meaning that you can’t log in to the hidden account.

    you might as well remove your user account entirely rather than use this hack

  2. Does Not Work! says

    After much frustration I discovered that the text related to SpecialAccounts ‘appears’ to have a ‘space’ in it…. Removing the space made the USER not appear on the welcome screen… HOWEVER — Ctrl-Alt-Del (2) does not work…. What am I missing??

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