Hide, Remove Google Black Bar or Change Its Color

Google has recently rolled out the new google black bar which appears across all google service including gmail, google search etc. Previously the same google bar used to be light white in color and less obtrusive to eyes and now there are many google users who are not liking the black eye popping google bar and trying to find ways to remove it or atleast change its color.

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For those who don’t like the new google black bar, today we will tell you how can you remove it, follow the different methods below as per your browser.

Change Color Of Google Black Bar

For Google Chrome – If you are a google chrome user you can simply install the addon named Remove Black Bar which does not remove the google black bar but changes its color to white as you can see in the image below.


Completely Hide, Delete Google Black Bar

For Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer Users - You will need to install a custom javascript, there are two scripts one allows you to hide the bar completely it is developed by a fellow blogger Keith Dsouza who is currently working on replacing the eye-popping black with a less obtrusive color, basically reverting Google to the earlier version we’re all used to. You can download and install the black bar hider script from here

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The second is a user script which allow you to remove or hide the complete black bar in firefox, opera, safari and internet explorer and this script can also be installed in google chrome as well. you will need greasemonkey to install these scripts.

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[ Thanks To Techie-Buzz and Tothepc for sharing these methods ]

Update: Just in case you want to try out some more colors, you can some other extensions which will change the color on the links below.



  1. moult86 says

    If you are a firefox user here is a way to not only remove the black bar but also move the search results back to the center of the screen.


  2. abhishek says

    change your browser, or install any other browser like google chrome, firefox etc

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