Hide, Remove A Photo From New Facebook Profile Page In Which You Are Tagged In

The new facebook profile page shows some recent five photos, all these pictures will be the most recent photos in which you are tagged in. Just in case you don’t want any one or more pictures to appear but rather some other picture should appear in which you are looking better as these pictures will remain static and appear unless some new photo of yours is uploaded and you are tagged in it.

12-23-2010 5-21-55 PM

Follow the steps below to remove these pictures shown on your facebook profile

1. Login to facebook.com

2. Go to your facebook profile page, move the mouse over the pictures on the top right corner and click the cross to remove or stop the photo from showing up.

12-23-2010 5-23-09 PM

3. Click Hide photo button on the prompt message box

Note: Please note that by hiding the photo this way, the photo will not get deleted and your friends and you will be able to view it.

Another way to remove a photo from showing up on your facebook new profile page is to open the photo and remove your name tag and it will automatically stopped from showing on your facebook profile page.

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