Hide, Protect Facebook Update Visibility From Some Facebook Friends

We have previously posted about how can you hide your entire facebook wall or all facebook updates from some facebook friends, Today we will tell you how can you hide a specific facebook update from selected people you choose or being it is visible to selected people.

Follow the procedure below to know how to post a secret facebook update

1. Login to your Facebook Profile

2. Now type your secret facebook update and then click the lock sign to customize the privacy settings of that update.


3. Now it will open up the custom privacy settings pop up window – where you can select the people who can see this update and type the name of those who should not see this facebook update and then click Save Settings


Note: As shown in the image above, you can mark these settings as default for all the upcoming facebook updates after this.

We hope you like this simple facebook tip to protect your privacy, you can read more facebook tips we have written before here on this blog.

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