Hide Private Data In Secure Hidden Drive With Folder Lockup

We have written several tips on how to lock your private data like Lock Files in Vista, Hide Files and Folders on USB Drive, Deny Access To Your Private Files and some other free tools which lets you do the same like FileLock, WinMend Folder Hide etc.

Today we will tell you about another free program called Folder Lockup which lets you hide your data in a different way by creating a secure hidden drive on your computer which is accessible using this software only, you can cut and paste your private and confidential files in this secure drive. Only you can access then as your data is locked and invisible to others, and only you know the password.

Once you have installed Folder Lockup, it will need to setup a password to access the secured drive using this tool,


This new drive will be visible in My Computer when you open it with Folder Lockup, this drive will be of the same size and name as your original Operating System drive as shown below.


In order to open the secure drive, run portable Folder Lockup program from any folder by clicking the executable, then enter the password you had set before.


After entering the right password, click ok button as shown above – if the password is correct it will change to open button, and once you click the open button it will open the secure drive where you can cut copy paste your private data and files.


Platform compatibility:
• Windows 7.0
• Windows 2008
• Windows Vista
• Windows Xp

Disk type compatibility:
• FAT 32
• Portable and Fixed Disk

Download Folder Lockup [ Beta ]

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