Hide or Remove Left Sidebar Search Options In Google Search

Google has just rolled out new search interface which features the search options as a left sidebar, which can further filters your searches as per different criteria and sources of information. But many users found these left sidebar search options more annoying than helpful as they are more used to old google search interface.

Google Search With Sidebar Search Options


Google Search Without Sidebar Search Options


As per the internet browser you are using these are different ways to disable these search options, lets discuss all of these methods applicable to different browsers one by one.

Method 1 – For Google Chrome Users – Install the google chrome extension named Hide Google Options which lets you turn on and off the left-hand column of search options if your search results pages have a permanent three-column display. Google is testing a three-column search user interface, and for a small percentage of users, Google options in search results are not collapsible.

Method 2 – For Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome Users – This method involves the use of user side javascripts which you will need to install in your respective browsers. Scripts like Google Classic, Remove Google Sidebar [ Grease Monkey Scripts ] and Hide New Sidebar In Google Search [ UserStyles Scripts ]

Note: Among the above mentioned scripts, Google Classic userscript not only removes the sidebar search options, but also moves EVERYTHING back to its original place: search bar & button, separator, you name it. Good for those who want to see old google search back.

If you don’t like the above methods, you can access the old google search interface at the URL http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=all you can bookmark this URL in your browser to access the old google search next time without typing.

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