Hide or Remove All In One SEO Options Like SEO Title, SEO Keywords, SEO Description In WordPress Posts Section Listing

All in one SEO is n no doubt of the best plugin for easy on site optimization as per latest SEO standards and rules as specified by search engines like google, bing and yahoo search. But the new upcoming version including of All In One SEO and later adds some extra columns named SEO Title, SEO Keywords and SEO Description once you install it on your website or blog running on wordpress.

But these new columns become very annoying and posts title get wraps due to these new columns added automatically and makes reading the posts title cumbersome experience as it is wrapped to suite computer screen, below are two options which show how does wordpress posts section look like after with or without these columns.

WordPress Posts Listing Section With Extra All One SEO options as columns, show in the image below.

remove all one seo options in wordpress posts 

WordPress Posts Listing Section Without Extra All One SEO options as columns, show in the image below.

wordpress posts section without all in one seo options

Now in order to remove these options, either you can option the wordpress plugin and try to find the function in plugin file code which displays these all in one seo options and comment out this code, but this approach is quite difficult or not useful who don’t know php programming, another risky factor is that if you by mistake if you did some thing your website or blog might break.

As there is much simple solutions exist to solve this problem of extra columns in posts section, you just need to click the screen options shown above the posts section on top right and uncheck the all in one seo columns so that it does not display these columns as shown in the image below.

remove screen options

That’s it, you will see the columns being removed instantly when you uncheck these extra columns under screen option for posts. Please don’t blame the developer for this as the developer does not need to make any changes to this existing great free plugin for wordpress. 

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