Hide or Not Show Priority Inbox Sections When Empty or No Mails

Priority Inbox has been rolled out for all the gmail users, In the previous post we told you about how to activate priority inbox feature, this time we will tell you how to make a specific section to hide – if it has no mails in priority inbox.

Priority Inbox has 4 different sections including Important and unread, Starred, Unread and Everything Else – you make this section to hide under priority inbox when they have no mails or empty.

Follow the procedure below to make this sections hide automatically.

1. Login to your gmail account

2. Go to Settings >> Priority Inbox – Locate Priority Inbox Sections – Now for those sections which you want to hide in case of no mails or empty – select the option to Hide Section When Empty


3. Once you have selected this option, click Save changes button and then you will redirected to the Priority Inbox or the normal inbox and the specific section will be hidden or not shown in case of no mails.

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