Hide Or Don’t Display Admin Bar On Website Or Blog In WordPress 3.1.2 or Later

WordPress 3.1.2 version has been made live recently, those who have upgraded to this latest version of wordpress on their blogs now might have noticed some new UI changes in wordpress like the new admin bar which you see on the wordpress blog or website when you are logged in as well in wordpress dashboard.

In case you have noticed the new admin bar it shows by default on the website at the top of the browser window as shown and highlighted in the image below.


For those who don’t like this admin bar and don’t want it to show on the top of the website when they are logged in to wordpress, follow the procedure below.

1. Just click edit profile if you see the admin bar on the website or alternatively you can login to wordpress and then navigate to user profile page found under Users >> Your Profile or just go to this link once you are signed in.


2. Uncheck the option which says Show Admin Bar when viewing site


3. Once unchecked, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click update profile button, and the once all changes saved, admin bar will disappear from the website or blog.

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